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And so that was Christmas...and what did I get?

(Sorry for causing John Lennon to spin in his grave...)

I did receive physical gifts this Christmas, not just the gift of having both a good time and good food with my family (though I know that's a gift), and the biggie was... first digital camera!

And what else did I glom onto? A manual camera! Uncle Greg had one he didn't need anymore, and all it needs is a new battery and I can see if it's useful. But soon, after 23 years of manual cameras, I'll be learning how to use digital cameras, too. I've been missing photography. This will get me back into that habit.

I also got:
* The promise that Mom and Dad and I will attend Cirque du Soleil's next show, coming to Portland in March.
* Three calendars: an Oregon calendar, a Simpsons trivia one-a-day calendar, and a Marilyn Monroe calendar. (Yes, my mom gives me Marilyn Monroe stuff.)
* A University of Oregon sweatshirt.
* An ornament shaped like a film reel, and an ornament hanger.
* A "Cozy Comfort" windshield scraper-slash-glove.
* $50 in Border's Books and Music gift cards
* Quite a bit of money via Starbucks gift cards.
* Assorted cash money from assorted aunts and uncles.
* Candy!

On top of that, a donation was made in my family's name to a food bank that's aided people hit by the recent Pacific Northwest floods.

Now, with the gift cards, I shall get some more gifts (I'm thinking Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary's screenplay to Beowulf, for starters). I'm also thinking of gifting myself with an upgrade to a paid LiveJournal account, and if any of my fellow LJers have advice, I'd really appreciate hearing it...

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