Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I WAS amused in '07! Really!

For those who came in late...

Here's how each month of 2007 started out for me on LJ:

* On January 1st, I watched a parade and tried to buy a bottle.
* On February 1st, my mind was happily blown by a music video I'd never seen before.
* On March 1st, I pondered the religion of The Big Lebowski, got fooled (until later that month) by a story of hot donkey love (link likely Not Work-Safe!), and forgot to amend my fortune cookie messages with the words "in bed."
* On April 1st, I thought of Andy Kaufman, found out I was the guy who got to sleep with Kaylee (heh), and also was shy, but at least at an event.
* On May 1st, I spoke in tongues and almost swore. (Again, heh.)
* On June 1st, I was amused by a meme.
* On July 1st, I realized my previous evening actually had been pretty action-packed, passed along an LJ in-joke (c/o Maddy Gaiman), and very much enjoyed the film Ratatouille. (I also told the food lovers at prime_liquor, an LJ community for fans of Poppy Z. Brite's restaurant stories, why I hoped they'd see Ratatouille too.)
* On August 1st, I linked to the late, great composer Basil Poledouris talking about some of the highlights of his film scoring career.
* On September 1st, I got silly in preparation for Spamalot, read an amazing interview Roger Ebert did with Ian Michael Smith (the Simon Birch kid) about the science fictional way he was trying to regain his hearing, heartily enjoyed Spamalot (Doc! Read this one!), and had a good meal afterwards with my folks.
* On October 1st, I was still geeking out over the previous night's Comic Art Battle.
* On November 1st, I went temporarily insane (I plead NaNoWriMo!), turned 34, was intrigued by a never-made Star Trek war film that was basically Band of Brothers in the Federation, and realized my (yet unfinished) NaNoWriMo story was called Planet of Sound.
* And on December 2nd (gee I must've been slacking), I talked about movies, rain, friends, football, and women I find attractive (that little entry covered a lot), sang along to a breast song, cheered on Dante Rosario as he got to play NFL football, and pondered how football is shown on TV (yes, I watched plenty of football that day, why do you ask?).
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