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I shouldn't have not done that.

I didn't do something.

I almost immediately started telling myself I should have done something.

A small, likely young dog was loose on the sidewalk of S.E. 39th north of Powell. I was pointed south, headed home after grocery shopping. A couple of people stopped their cars. One woman got out of her car, looking for the dog. After several seconds, I could see no dog, and traffic was moving. I crossed Powell. Then I was surprised; the dog had somehow crossed that very busy intersection. Then the dog managed to cross 39th without getting hit, and was darting around the sidewalk and around bushes on the other side of the road from me. People were stopping to try and catch or at least corral the dog. Others were stopping and watching.

Traffic ahead of me was clear, of cars and that dog. I got moving.

Then I felt like a schmuck for not trying to help. Did I feel I could not help? Did I not want to stop with perishable groceries in my car? Did I feel that it was excuseable because others were already trying to catch the dog, and because the dog had crossed the street and would be harder for me to help get? Did I just not want to help?

Chris? Hi. It's Chris. Let me tell you, you can do better than that. When this happens again -- and it will; pets get loose all the time -- do something to help. Because "doing good" requires action. That's why there's a "do" in there.
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