Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Transcripts are fun

Because it amuses me, and because it’ll probably amuse leonardpart6, I present the moment I fell in love with Lauren Graham:

[Commercial for her short-lived 2000 show “M.Y.O.B." (Mind Your Own Business)”: white set. Graham stands next to young co-star Katherine Towne.]

Towne: Hi. Watch “M.Y.O.B.” and at one point I will be fully frontally nude.
Graham: No. That’s. Um. Kidding. Actually, she plays an orphan, I’m her aunt…
Towne: …and we’re stalked by a serial killer.
Graham: Nnnnnoooo… She’s searching for her birth mother.
Towne: Gawh! You are so bad at publicity!
Graham: Well, we can’t lie! (pause) …can we?

[title “M.Y.O.B.” fills the screen. Then we cut back to Towne and Graham:]

Graham [smiling tightly]: Watch it and you too could be a millionaire.

[Towne looks at her, jaw agape]

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