Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'll think of them as winds of change.

In fact I was awake at midnight -- in bed and minutes from sleep, to be exact -- so I said to myself, "Hello, 2008," and started to head to sleep. I let all y'all go nuts on my behalf instead...

It's been a gusty morning. Weather change; it's supposed to get warmish today. (It's been coldish.) The air is freshening. I can breathe new air.

I shouldn't try to sound profound half an hour after getting out of bed.


I had...not the best beginning to yesterday. It was icy. I slipped and went flat and sprawling on my walk to a bus stop. For two seconds I must've looked like a speed bump. I've spent the last 24 hours in various states of being bandaged. Finally this morning I buckled down and had an aspirin. (I try not to take too many drugs. The strongest tihng I had yesterday was a Frappucino.) Kind of a jarring way to start. I spent the day recovering from that.

Last night I called hughcasey, octoberland (leaving her a message) and blubeagle. Also I was treated to a nice call from aoniedesade, who was feeling silly in preparation for work at Starbucks today (OH DEAR GOD SHE'S ALREADY BEEN AT WORK FOR LIKE FOUR HOURS I FEEL HER PAIN). I had hoped to call my friend philly420pdx in Hawaii, too, but after the me-and-blubeagle call my synapses weren't up to that job. Me exhausted must be a funny sight. So off to bed it was, then.

Happy New Year, one and all. Make this a good year.

P.S. Also last night, in celebration of the new year, I wrote lyrics. I'm rather proud of them. I hope you like them.
Tags: peregrinations

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