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No, I'm not ignoring you.

Message to the people I know who are sick: Sorry. I'm acting as if we can get sick over the Internet. Thank goodness we can't.

I feel like I should send "Get better!" messages to all of you. So...think of this as a general "Get better!" message, sent out in all directions to those who're having trouble with health. I'm doing my best to stay well; I hope you guys get well. (And that you haven't gotten the superflu!)

In other news, I half-watched the Giants-Bucs game (didn't really have a dog in that hunt) and more closely watched the San Diego-Tennessee game, because I've wanted for a while to see the Chargers do well. I smile at the Chargers finally getting that latest playoff win; I'd forgotten they'd had a 13-year drought.

So these entries aren't always exciting. I can accept that.
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