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Want a pick-me-up? How 'bout a picture of a madly grinning Terry Jones?

Among today's intriguing links: Monty Python veteran Terry Jones has co-written and is directing a comic opera called Evil Machines.

It's happening in Lisbon, Portugal:
Though not one of the most immediately recognizable Pythons, Jones' fame endures in Portugal. He recently went to see a Portuguese production in Lisbon of the troupe's most famous sketches. In the second month of its run, it was playing to 600-seat sell-outs.

"I thought it was really good fun," Jones said of the show -- though he doesn't speak Portuguese and admits he didn't recognize a couple of the sketches.
In related Terry Jones info (it's not news because it's from a while ago), he's doing fine against colon cancer. That's mentioned at the end of this Reuters piece on the opera. Stay healthy, Terry!

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