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There will be no Chrisburg.

I have studiously been avoiding that "create a virtual city" thingy a lot of my fellow LJers are doing. I must not get sucked in! I must not! I'm spending too much time online as it is!

So I apologize that I haven't been adding to my friends' cities' populations, industry, security and whatever else. But I have been amused by cleolinda's account of her creation, Cleoville, which has been having some problems:
I need more population so I can get to the point where they'll let me put up a clicky link to improve the environment, but the environment's already getting crapful and I have no way to do anything about it, unlike with the previous two things (transportation and industry), so people are leaving "for some unpolluted clean air." Which means that I can't get enough people to stay to get the population high enough to do anything about the environment. Also? Criminals are blowing up factories (I need more security), which is... kind of awesome, actually. I like to pretend the Joker's behind it all.
So there'll be no Chrisburg. There is still a Chris de Burgh, though...

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