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Viewin' and readin' this weekend

For those reading this who are not at various events (like the Northeast contingent of my friends who are at Arisia -- good luck, octoberland!), hi. I'm not at various events. I figure on having a low-impact weekend. I probably won't even drive; don't really need to.

Maybe this should be a weekend of viewing movies and reading books. I might wait until next weekend to see the intimate-scale monster epic Cloverfield (the second weekend is the staying-power weekend for any film, and as a geek I want this film NOT to blow its wad this weekend), but there are other options. I'm not up for the Kennedy School McMenamin's showing of all three Lord of the Rings films, though (alas).

I also need to do laundry, but right now the building's one washer has a load from last night, washed and not yet unloaded, in it. It seems rude to me to unload someone else's laundry. I also admit I have done that, but I want to stop doing it!

It's next weekend that will be more exciting: s00j show Friday! s00j show Friday! Here's the info. I'll be there with bells on with the funds to buy more of her CDs. I'll also have a hug saved up for her.
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