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Another reason to hate Meet the Spartans

So the people responsible for the laugh-free, nay, parody-free parodies Date Movie and Epic Movie have marched on to parodying 300 -- a film that's practically its own parody already -- with Meet the Spartans. (And how appropriate that the current Plot Synopsis message on IMDb's listing for the film is "This plot synopsis is empty"?)

I've seen another reason to hate this film: thanks to a commerical, I know that it uses the YouTube clip of the guy tearfully defending Britney Spears and screaming "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!"

This A) makes no frappin' sense and B) shows that the filmmakers are so starved for ideas that they're willing to troll the Internet for content and use someone else's material...again, in a way that makes no frappin' sense. (The word "Frappin'" is brought to you by my guilty pleasure the Starbucks Frappuccino. Or at least I think it must be.) And it's cynical, as if the filmmakers know that there's no way this film can have any kind of staying power -- I kind of doubt it'll be playing revival houses and museums in the future -- so put in a reference (not even a joke) that's very much of-the-moment (actually, of a moment from a couple of months ago; the Internet moves fast) and hope the sheer "Huh?" factor of a modern-day guy screamingly telling Spartans to "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!" will get a laugh somehow. Scary Movie 2, the worst of the Scary Movie movies, did kind of the same thing by throwing in a parody of a TV commercial, but the half-life of anything on TV is still likely to be longer than most anything on the Internet.

Add that it'll probably be funny to people who A) would actually pay to see any of the above movies and B) would look at that kid and laugh "Hah! He's a fag in mascara!" and it's even more depressing.

The one good thing is that (I hope) Chris Crocker got paid well for use of the clip. Or maybe (he added cynically) the filmmakers reshot it with their own mascara'd kid so Crocker would get nothing from it; I didn't see enough of the clip to be sure if it's the real one. (This is not a knock on Chris Crocker; I actually think the young man has spunk, to borrow blubeagle's word for him. I want him to do well, whatever he does.)

This helps obliterate the potential good will generated by casting good guy Kevin Sorbo in Meet the Spartans, which is the one positive (maybe) thing I can imagine from the existence of a movie like Meet the Spartans.

You know, this almost could've been an entry by yendi. It's good I can pinch-hit for him when he's off at Arisia or somewhere. (Hey, robyn_ma! You don't have to be the only yendi impersonator!)
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