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Cold and Friends

Winter is making itself felt. The sky has been that almost surreal kind of infinite, clear blue; the moon is full and assertive in that sky. The recent snow near us and the current clear conditions make Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens beacon-white on the horizon. The air is very dry and rather cold, and stirred up enough to be more than a breeze but not quite forceful wind. The wind doesn't bite; it nibbles. It encourages moving quickly, so you can get to an inside place with a window and appreciate the day's beauty without that cold breeze.

That's partly why I had a surprisingly quick commute home tonight. I even jogged along some stretches of my path off the hill. And lucky timing with the bus at SW Naito and Hooker meant that I was home 20 minutes after leaving my office. Very quick.

It was a quiet day in my office. I think I needed that. In fact, I was the only person in my particular corner of the office, an area with 10 workstations. I did my work with my radio on (headphones unplugged). It was basic work, nothing surprising.

LiveJournal friends have been checking in after the long weekend; lots of people I know were at the Arisia sf/fantasy/lifestyle convention in Boston. Many tired people announcing they survived, in short posts so they can get offline and lie down and rest. Welcome home to your homes, everybody.

A good day.
Tags: peregrinations, portland, work

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