Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I like my dreams

Not too long before waking up I dreamed a dream that was an amusingly laid-back mashup of, let's see, Speed and Farscape with imagery from my neighborhood thrown in and a feeling that John Carpenter was directing it in his kind-of-ambling-but-not-rambling way, with Kurt Russell in not-quite-full Jack Burton mode commandeering the bus. (The Farscape connection was seeing, let's see, Scorpius in one of a couple of helicopters. Couldn't my mind have given me Aeryn Sun? Geez, even my dream-self denies me what I want...) It even had a film score. Yes, my dreams have music. In another dream I once had, I actually could think Yeah, that's a Danny Elfman cue.

Oh, speaking of John Carpenter (I was, about half a paragraph ago), I'll get to see Big Trouble in Little China (1986) at the Bagdad this week! "Jack Burton says...what the hell." Woo hoo! I've only seen it once before, and not until the Nineties, which seems wrong for me as a geek.

OK; time to get cleaned up and fed and ready for work, and for NOT GETTING SICK.
Tags: dreams

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