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Well, that was almost bound to happen.

There always should be some truth to a joke. Which is why there's some truth to my occasional statement that, one of these days, I'd fall for a lesbian.

Finally I definitely hit that milestone. Well, at least I've been nursing a crush. Okay, Chris, you can tick that off your amusing accomplishments list, now get past it. (And a trusted heterosexual male friend who knows both me and her called my crush "completely understandable," so at least I'm not totally nuts.)

Hey, trivia! One of the inspirations for Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy was Smith's producer friend Scott Mosier being very interested in the very gay Gwen Turner. Yes, I can tie anything into entertainment...

(Chris? Hi, it's Chris. Pep talk time again. Try to break this apparent habit of yours of being interested in the unavailable, okay? It's REALLY gotten old.)

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