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I'll leave you lonely/ Don't monkey with my business

I've had a moody morning (personal stuff, plus sad events that a friend's enduring) but the radio's helped me feel better: Greg Glover of 94.7 Alternative Portland is finishing an eight-song set of songs from the soundtrack to Donnie Darko:

Tears For Fears, "Head Over Heels"
Oingo Boingo, "Stay"
Duran Duran, "Notorious"
Joy Division, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Echo and the Bunnymen, "Killing Moon"
INXS, "Never Tear Us Apart"
The Church, "Under the Milky Way Tonight"
Gary Jules and Michael Andrews, cover of "Mad World"

11:15 a.m. edit: And the radio at my building's little cafe was just now playing "Killer Queen" by Queen. Keen!
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