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Morning Miscellany: Moooovies and Soooooj (and more!)

Bits here and bits there in this here post:

* I have one of those "guess which movies these quotes come from" quizzes going on right now. Guess away!

* I like today's Merriam-Webster Word of the Day, whodunit:
In 1930, Donald Gordon, a book reviewer for News of Books, needed to come up with something to say about a rather unremarkable mystery novel called Half-Mast Murder. "A satisfactory whodunit," he wrote. The coinage played fast and loose with spelling and grammar, but "whodunit" caught on anyway. Other writers tried respelling it "who-done-it," and one even insisted on using "whodidit," but those sanitized versions lacked the punch of the original and have fallen by the wayside. "Whodunit" became so popular that by 1939 at least one language pundit had declared it "already heavily overworked" and predicted it would "soon be dumped into the taboo bin." History has proven that prophecy false, and "whodunit" is still going strong.
* And finally for now, traveling troubadour s00j is amazing and talented, and more and more has also been showing her wonderful sense of humor. Which she uses to say some words (including some swear words) about certain TV shows. Speaking as a fan of several of the shows she mentioned, I want to add: BWA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA.
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