Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

William Friedkin remembers Roy Scheider

From Entertainment Weekly: Director William Friedkin recalls Roy Scheider. The two of them worked on The French Connection and the epically difficult production Sorceror, and Friedkin also considered Scheider for a role in The Exorcist, which I hadn't known.

Trivia: in Scheider and Gene Hackman's first scene in The French Connection, where Doyle (Hackman) captures a crook and tries to confuse him by asking if "you picked your feet in Poughkeepsie," you see Russo (Scheider) shaking his head. In the film you can read that as Russo finding Doyle overzealous; in reality, Hackman had blown take after take, and as he was really smacking the "crook" each time it was wearing on that actor, so they were running out of chances to get it right. The take they used didn't completely work the way Friedkin wanted it to; Scheider wasn't impressed, either, and he was showing it.

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