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I'm walkin', yes indeed

Or I was. Had I a Blackberry PDA thingy, I could be walking, and updating LJ at the same time, and I would be reveling in my multitaskingness right before I got creamed by an SUV. So it's good I'm not walking now.

Finally a good day for walking to enjoy the weather -- wispy clouds, shortsleeve temperatures, goodly amounts of sun, a nice light breeze -- so I took advantage of it. I hopped the bus to the Woodstock neighborhood, dropped off the Buffy DVD set at the library, and headed west again. I spent money at Safeway and Laughing Planet Cafe, having a good quesadilla with a silly name I won't repeat here, and then went farther west. I walked the Reed College campus; I last was there in early 2004 for Dr. Demento's talks and video shows, and I last explored the actual campus in spring 1991, when I considered going to college there. Nice to remind myself it's there and visitable. I sat next to the lake on campus for a bit, reading. (Earlier on the walkabout I finished Ursula K. LeGuin's Gifts and started the next novel I'd grabbed, Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Had I been perverse, I'd have gone on my long walk with a copy of The Long Walk.) I zigzagged home after that, past Reed dorms and over the Brooklyn rail yard, getting a slight windburn but being glad I was outside.

Overheard during this trip: "That's why I stripped out of my clothes? So I'd be cold enough to have a hot drink?" (Note: the young woman who said this was not in fact naked, Reed's reputation notwithstanding. She was wearing something with spaghetti straps. I don't know enough how to describe women's clothes.)

And seen on this trip: a low-rent gesture by a guy on the bus. He had a large coffee mug. He put a beer can in it (yes, that large), and he opened the can and started drinking from it in the bus. I was tempted to bump into him when deboarding so he'd spill and be caught. I resisted, though.

Oh, and I saw a spider outside a Reed dorm. I saw its web first, and then found it, and thought all right, warm enough to make webs. I like spiders. Well, most spiders.
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