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Cirque seen soon

Looks like, from what I can see from my commute route, Cirque du Soleil is preparing to erect its Grand Chapiteau for next month's show Corteo. The tent'll go up on the west bank of the Willamette between the Ross Island and Marquam Bridges -- shifted a little bit south from last time, since OHSU's built a parking lot next to the Marquam since Cirque's last visit in 2006 -- and will temporarily house me and several family members in two-and-a-half weeks. 'Cause we're seein' it!

Ah, prep. This is one of the non-glamorous parts of anything, even something as surreal as Cirque du Soleil. It still needs flat asphalt on which to put the tent, towers and wires to hold up the tents, power generation for those tents, power lines to get said power to the tents, and people in hard hats to make all that (oh, and the tents) come together.

It was especially non-glam this morning: it looked like a construction site. Tractor-trailers were lined up on Moody Ave., the eventual tent site had a slightly irregular oval of what I'm guessing is temporary asphalt or something, and Portland had enough of a cloud layer above it that there was little to no direct light, and not even any cool sunrise colors visible to the east. The cloud cover didn't even manage to be all that atmospheric (unlike the fog bank over east Portland Tuesday morning). It just looked flat.

It won't look flat soon. It'll be visible from parts of Pill Hill, including the VA-OHSU Skybridge; I'll enjoy seeing the Gran Chapiteau once it's up. Thank you, all of you putting it up! Thanks for doing that.
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