Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Boring Again

Well, that was a work week.

Really, the past week more or less happened, in a just-goin'-along way, where I wound up with really not much to report when it was all over. Even my birthday (Tuesday) was quiet -- partly because I hadn't told many people about it, and it seems a little showy to keep going, "Guess what today is?" People did send me nice messages, via e-mail and snail-mail: people are glad I've been around for 32 years and hope I stay around. Can do!

I braved the rain Friday night and drove the Weare family car to Mom and Dad's place; I had been looking after the car after my Aunt Nancy Weare drove it to the airport on her way home to Guam. (I'm my family's official car-picker-upper-er, as I'm nearest to Portland International Airport.) Yesterday I rode back into Portland with Mom, on her weekly visit to her mom Dorothy. I joined her at Grandma's place, then we had an enjoyable meal at Nicholas's, a Lebanese/ Mediterranean place we like; I had the mjadra (rice, lentils, and onions) and a Turkish coffee; she had the Spinach Pie, her standard Nicholas's order. Then: home. Now: organizing. Junk's thrown out! Woo hoo! The CDs are all on the rack! Yes! I have room for more discs now!

Yeah, it's back to the boring. I'm sure you were dying to know.
Tags: peregrinations, portland, work

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