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Dreams: a sign of sleep

Last several hours, I've been a slug bug. This was after what was actually a productive morning: I donated blood, from a slightly left-of-center vein that I haven't used before, so I guess my phlebotomist was thinking outside the box. The fact that I never even thought about my veins that far off of that center line where I usually get poked is likely a sign I'd be a lousy junkie. ;-)

The phlebotomist guy I had this time, who looked like a cross between Michael McDonald and a gray-haired Donal Logue, said that since he's started taking blood from people, he notices the quality of people's veins. I said, "That could be a pick-up line someone on Scrubs would use! 'You've got good veins.'"

I try to be jokey during blood draws. I find that whatever emotion I have during them gets accentuated, kind of like if you're drunk. Once I made the mistake of reading the late chapters of Ender's Game before and after a donation, and as that's an...emotional section of the book, I was, um, kind of sad. But as copperwise would quote, "We can't be sad today," so I make sure to think joke-like. And I ask questions. Now I know that donated blood tends to get used within a week of when it's donated, and each pint gets split so that it's used for three people, so by next Saturday, my O-negative will have been useful at least three times!

I took two buses home (stopping along the way at the Lloyd Center Stanford's for meeeeeeeeeeeat), and lay down on top of my bed. I'd decided a nap was a good idea. I eventually full-on fell asleep, to the extent that I had dreams: at a college in the middle of nowhere (surrounded by Eastern Oregon-ish fields) that looked much like the one in Real Genius. Chris Knight represennnnnnnt! He was showing me around and showing me the ropes. I kept hoping I'd run into Jordan. Yes, I had a thing for Jordan. Geek-babe! And I'm often attracted to the intense ones... ;-)

Oh, and by the way, while I was awake, I spent time perusing a Consumer Reports auto issue, starting finally to figure out some of what I want in my next car. I haven't wanted to think about it this week -- enough was on my mind that I didn't want to add car uncertainty to that -- but I'm honestly jonesing to do road trips again. I'm not usually like that, so I take that as a sign to get this taken care of. I've been doing all right without a car, but another car will be nice.

I'll use buses in a bit to go up to the Hollywood neighborhood. I want to attend the Film Fever Radio movie awards, that's being put on by some of the local media people I'm acquainted with. Time to stop being a slug bug...

Finally, for now, there's a frog near my place, for some reason. This might be the first frog I've heard right outside this apartment.
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