Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The power of Chris compels you! The power of Chris compels you!

The world needs more badasses named Chris. We don't have enough badasses named Chris.

I know, I know, someone's gonna say "Chris Lambert!," but I maintain that his one true apex of badassedness was Highlander and his non-Highlander work...not so much. (I'm not a fan, the coolness and fun of Highlander notwithstanding.)

I won't be able to take up that mantle of badassedness, myself. I'm not genetically or tempermentally disposed towards being a badass. I accept this and go on. And leave that mantle for someone else.

Maybe he or she would be named Chris Thrustsword. Or something.

(Now I shall wait for the lightning bolt for my temerity in using that subject line...)
Tags: language

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