Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Redeeming the Moment. An Oscar post!

A great moment blown by an annoying moment redeemed by a great moment.

Great moment: that lovely little song from Once (which everyone I've heard from who's seen it, from Rick Emerson to slipjig, has said YOU MUST SEE IT) wins Best Original Song.

Bad moment: the orchestra kicks in EXACTLY WHEN MARKETA IRGOLVA (I had to look up her name) IS ABOUT TO GIVE HER ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. Someone in the orchestra pit realized they'd jumped the gun, stopped the music, then restarted only seconds later, as her and Glen Hansard (who did get to speak) were already getting herded off stage.

Great moment: a commercial break later, when host Jon Stewart BRINGS IRGOLVA BACK TO SPEAK. And like Hansard, she gives a lovely, heartfelt speech.

I actually flailed on slipjig's behalf. Arms and legs. Noted for posterity, with this message: THANK YOU.

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