Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Reviewage re: "Wallace & Gromit" commences...NOW.

Thoughts after finally watching Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit:

* Ha ha haaaa!
* Yes, that was fun. I was underwhelmed by the short at the start about the Madagascar penguins (except for their gift fish, wrapped up and still moving), so I don’t think I missed much by not seeing that film. I have missed much by not yet seeing any of the Wallace & Gromit shorts, though!
(If you’ve also missed ’em, here’s the setup: Two friends. Wallace is a man. Gromit is a dog. Wallace is a cheese-loving inventor. Gromit’s a friend, companion, and a very capable partner. In Were-Rabbit, W & G have started a humane animal-catching service to protect their village’s vegetable gardens from rabbits. They keep the rabbits in their home, and then Wallace has a revelation: don’t kill them, but teach them the error of their veg-eating ways. For some reason the very concept tickles me. No surprise, this plan is disastrous, but in funny ways.)
* Hee hee hee…
* There are puns that even pun-hater Harlan Ellison should like (Fromage To Eternity – yes!). There is cuteness that even cuteness-hater J. Michael Straczynski should like (I loved looking at those rabbits). It’s even beautiful in spots, like when the bunnies are floating (don’t ask) inside the BV 6000. It’s impressive on a technical, special-effects level, but it’s also almost…soothing.
* Heh, heh, heh…
* There’s even something strangely comforting about the way Wallace says “Gromit.” “Grahhh-MEET…” Maybe it’s the fondness in his voice. The whole film is happy; its good mood is infectious.
* Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk…
* Now that’s a well-equipped truck.
* HAH ha ha ha!
* Yay! Gromit’s left-handed!

So yeah, a fun film.

P.S. Why do I call Straczynski a “cuteness-hater”? Find out from jms himself here. Scroll down to the last question, “What’s this about a bear?”
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