Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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Fear not!

I will never be the computer hacker who breaks into NORAD and almost starts World War III with his mad hacking skills. (Of course, this also means I won't get to bang Ally Sheedy, either. Woe.)

This message brought to you by my stumbling through a computer-program install that refuses to go properly, which means I still can't use part of my work station. I'm trying to set up a computer to replace another computer I had for years that, according to my company's records, never existed. We're trying to recreate how that "non-existant" company computer connected to a particular network so we can connect my new company computer to, well, the company. (It's not The Company, either.) And I keep fearing that I'm setting something wrong or missing a step, because, again, I DON'T SPEAK COMPUTER-ESE. At least not with ease.

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