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Voice Post: The Life of a Raindrop, by Christopher Walsh, written March 2004

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The Life of a Raindrop (519 words)

“Whoa. Wow. I like this feeling. Everything’s moving past so fast! Oh so fast! You liking this? Yeah, you, Mr. Spherical over there! Isn’t this fun? We’re moving through so much wind blowing up at us! Neat! And sometimes I swirl around or move to the side a bit or move to that side a bit… Hey! Don’t go over there! Hey, look out! There’s another sphere over there. You’re – hey, you’re headed right toward it! Look out! Don’t hit it! Don’t hit…
“Oh. Hmm. Um… Huh! Cool! Didn’t expect that, you and that other drop merging like that. Now you’re bigger, but still round. Nicely done. It makes you shimmer even more. There’s more of you to shimmer! Yeah, that’s right! So…can you, um, introduce me? I’m sure that drop had a name, too!
“My name? Um… Hard to think with this noise… Oh, but I’m sure I have one, gotta have one, I’m special enough to deserve a name, I’m a raindrop, and I’m important enough, too. Oh. I’m bragging. Shouldn’t do that. You’re just as special. So’s…um… so what’s-that-sphere. You know, the one you, um, met. Merged with. Y’know.
“The drop you ran into, idiot! The one that made you a bigger drop! Like that one, and that one, and that one, and that one, and that one, and that one, and that one, and that one, all those ones! They… They don’t just go away when they merge together! They’re all raindrops, like me! They have a job! They have an important job! They all work together! We’re the Army of the Wet! We’re…
“Wha… What… what’s all that color? I was seeing white and gray, only white and gray, all around us. You saw it too, right? Right? Are you answering? Are either of you answering? Earth to raindrop! You know what happened? Now I’m seeing lots of, let’s see, greens and browns and straight lines and dark reds and curving lines and boxy shapes and squiggly lines, and they’re all on something really, really big and really, really flat – I mean at least it looks flat –
“Ugh. This is disorienting. Let’s look back up – oh, thank everything, there’s the gray, I still see the gray. Hmm. It’s going up. I’m getting farther from it. Wow, it’s moving fast.
“Let’s see… Wow, lots of those boxy shapes down there on the flatness. Some of them are moving. They have twin cones of brightness sticking out of their fronts. Must need to see where they’re going. Huh! They must not see very well, to need lights like that!
“More shapes. I don’t know what to call those shapes. (Never mind what you think, Mr. Silent over there, too wrapped up with that drop you merged with…) Wow, so many shapes, so many things, some moving and some swaying and some not doing anything except moving towards me oh so very fast. What is all this? What am I going to see? What am I going to reach? Can I see more of it?
“I hope so. This is neat. This is…”

The End
(But not before acknowledging Douglas Adams. Thanks, sir.)
Tags: fiction, voice

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