Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Never Errant Errands!

Portland's getting on-and-off rain, with moments of clearing to allow the glinting of sunlight off of all these freshly watered things. I rode through that shine this morning, with Mom in the driver's seat taking me up to my office.

(Finally -- finally -- a package that needed to be picked up by FedEx Ground is waiting at a FedEx Kinko's where it will definitely be picked up and returned to corporate offices. And the people at the store were nicer than the FedEx people I dealt with over the phone when I tried to arrange the previous three pickups that didn't happen.)

Mom and I had to pay attention. The only car routes up to OHSU are twisty, and sometimes counter-intuitive. We missed the turn that would've taken us up my preferred way, from the north side of the hill; so instead we took the southern route, Barbur to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway to Terwilliger Blvd. to OHSU. It was good jogging weather, and a fair number of runners were out. Terwilliger winds through a park, and there's always at least one good-sized sidewalk along the road, plus several paths off away from the road and up and down the hillsides. And all was wet and warm (by late-winter standards).

We wound through our confusing campus -- "This looks like where we came from," Mom said at one point, "but I know it's not" -- and pulled up to where I could bring out the package. I took a roundabout way in, as the direct entrances to my office building are locked on the weekends, and once I was in my office I double-checked to confirm that I could at least go out the door closest to Mom's car. One of the weekend workers even asked if I needed help moving the package, which was nice of him, but I said no, thank you. And from there it was off the hill, to the Kinko's, and then down to the Sellwood Bridge and back to my neighborhood. Hugs and well-wishes ended the errand. By now, Mom's hooked up with both Dad and her sister Pat to go see Atonement; and I'm home, taking it easy.

Now to be productive other ways...
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