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Public Transportation

Just over an hour: what it took to get home from grocery shopping this afternoon.

One big problem: the buses on southbound Route 75 (my first leg home) got delayed and bunched up. How much? After one reached my stop, picked me up and deposited me at 39th and Holgate, I started walking west along the Holgate straightaway towards home, kept looking back in case the Rt. 17 bus was on its way, and watched three southbound Rt. 75s, including the one I'd been on, roll past within two minutes of each other.

Plus I'm pretty sure I could've walked all the way from 39th and Holgate to home -- that's about 25 blocks -- and made it before the 17 did.

Not a brilliant day for the usually-more-reliable-than-this TriMet.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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