Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And now a birthday message

You may have heard how J.R.R. Tolkien once declared the term "cellar door" to be especially beautiful and mellifluous.

I think we have a competitor in mellifluousness:


This year, I've been posting little songs for the birthday people I know on LJ. I think that name's a song all on its own.


But here's a song for 'Song anyway:

We have worlds within us;
They float and spin in thoughts,
Half-glimpsed hints of tales and lives,
Some aching to be wrought.
You've made yours coalesce
Into the shape of story;
Your world within you (which starts here)
Now takes its path out o'er ye.

(For that last line, picture a tale pouring out of and above shadesong, like light emanating from her...)

Happy birthday, shadesong. Best of luck with your life, your family, and your work.

And I am really looking forward to seeing where you will take us with Shayara.
Tags: birthdays, language, poetical

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