Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

For blubeagle's birthday

Playing on the radio as I start this: Queen’s “Radio Ga-Ga”:

You’re the female me.
I’m like the male you.
Two dudes, much alike
With good internet-fu.
We have rhymes in our lives
– Parallels that surprise –
Me walking on a path
You wheeling (exercise!)
And those paths double-helixed
(I won’t say just “converged”)
So that a shared understanding
Led to friendship…now verge’d
On the changes, amazing,
You’ve reached in your world:
Your marriage to Jerry
And your writing, be-pearled;
These will grow from here
In substance and luster
A good life, a good love,
All as good as you’ll muster.

Happy birthday, blubeagle. I’m so glad I know you, and I’m so glad for your happiness.

Your friend,

Edited To Add: blubeagle was good enough to repost this poem to her journal.
Tags: birthdays, poetical
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