Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh, the things that I know

Random-ass knowledge via radio (specifically, the Afternoon Buzz’s “Random Thursday”):

Toilet paper is printed with patterns that are only right-side up if you have the roll dispensing from the top, not (as I do) from the back. This morning I actually checked. I know this to be true. The barely visible little foofy embossed hearts are, indeed, upside down. I still feel their love when I wipe down there.

This is like when I noticed, as a left-handed high-schooler, that the print on the sides of pencils and pens is right-side up when held in the right hand and upside-down when wielded by the left. So on my desk is an ASU .TP .DEM ETAMREPAP – y’know, a Papermate Med. Pt. USA. And the pencil printed with Eberhard Faber American 2 HB becomes BH 2 NACIREMA REBAF DRAHREBE.

Now not only do I know that, it’s now in your (as shadesong’d say) brainmeats. You’re very welcome.
Tags: radio

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