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2004 Chris? Meet 2008 Chris. (Baby's First Blog! Or something.)

Very, very soon after my creation of my personal journal thingy, I thought I might need prompts in case I run out of blogging ideas. I wrote a list. I haven't looked at the list since, and that's a span of 3 1/2 years (and hundreds, actually probably thousands, of journal entries). So, what did my October 2004 self think my future self could write about? My future self can know now!

*looks at list of prompts*

* "F.S.O.": Why you shouldn't call 'em the "ex"
I've written about this. I started calling my former girlfriend Alicia my F.S.O., or Former Significant Other, after I happened once to call her "my ex" to the father of a friend, and the father, usually an easygoing and jokey guy, looked at me levelly and said seriously "NEVER call them 'the ex.'" And I decided Actually, yeah, that's good advice. "Ex" is harsh. I don't feel that harshly about her; she deserves better than that. And I concocted "F.S.O." because it sounded sort of militaryish, which is a bonus to a Navy brat. (Plus, Alicia's worth saluting!) Added: Hey, I did write about her.

* Fun with blog backdating
Yes! Mess with the mechanics of LiveJournal! Here's the idea: You can backdate entries, so why not have entries that purport to have been written in 1999 or 1989 or 1599 or A.D. 326? Hey, have Hannibal grousing about the bad connections and upload speeds in the Alps (blocked by all those mountains and elephants)!

* Excerpts from the book?
Ahhhh, my first NaNoWriMo. So this confirms I wrote this list in late October '04; I was making notes for my National Novel Writing Month project, called The Idiot Plot. I wound up not doing that; TIP is at about 40,000 words and I think I know how it ends, but I'm maybe only 2/3 of the way there. I tried NaNoWriMo again last November, but didn't get as far; but, I realized that I was capable of writing faster than I'd been writing in 2004, which was a little victory. I liked saying to myself, You know, it really doesn't take that long to write 1,667 words in a day. I can do this. (See my NaNoWriMo-related attempts to do this here!)

* Be a critic: local radio -- what I like (varying the radio diet)
The explanation of this should be an entry all its own. Long story short, I'd started paying especial attention to the local radio industry -- that was when, for instance, a big chunk of "The Epic of NRK" took place -- and I was starting to get in touch with some of the local DJs. (I also had gotten over the urge a couple of years previously to try to get into radio myself.) I am sort of doing this, and I'd like to do more of it.

* Bus route experiences/tips (get more walking in!)
Which I do. Oh yes, I do.

* Volunteer experience
At the time I was still volunteering at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, and had been since early 2001. And in spring 2004 I did a few-weeks stint as a reader for Start Making A Reader Today, long enough to know I wanted to do more of it. Since I'm not volunteering now, I can only look back on previous volunteering gigs, but I have plenty of stories there. I'll tell you when I get more, both stories and gigs.

* It's not ironic, it's a Life Rhyme(R)
A concept that deserves expanding. I call it a Life Rhyme when...well, not when a coincidence happens, or when something happens in that Alanis song "Ironic" that's not actually ironic. OK, I need to write this entry; I need to explain it!

* I see a product I use being advertised. My reaction: "What, I'm not enough for you?!"
Weird hangup: If I find a product through my own efforts and like it and use it and hold it and hug it and call it George, I feel a little cheated on if the product starts getting advertised. My relationship to advertising is, as it is for most anyone in America, complicated. I should write this entry, too.

* Lenny Kravitz/Adam Sandler as the Waterboy
Seriously, the songs of Lenny Kravitz (a guy I do not get) become funny when you imagine Adam Sandler as The Waterboy singing them. "I belong to you, and you, you belong to me, too!" Oh my God, this should be a voice post. Fear!

* Random-ass trivia (a.k.a. The Garbage Pail of Knowledge!)
Now I'm brilliant at that. Composer Michael Kamen got so punchy while writing the score for Die Hard With a Vengeance (a score he had almost no time to write) that when he was looking at a shot (later cut) where a bad guy says to himself "Why me?," he wanted to quote the tune "It Had to Be You"...

Hey, "The Garbage Pail of Knowledge!" could be the title of something!

And you'll be glad to know, that's where the list ends.

P.S. Hey, is there a way to have your computer or LiveJournal itself tally how many entries you have?
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