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And now, to business. ("To business!")

After Cirque du Soleil and dinner, my family made another stop: Dad showed off a business in Lake Oswego he's helping to open. I won't be too specific, as I don't think I can be yet, but it's a business he's both investing in and working on, as in: he's built counters for it. He became a carpenter in the Nineties after retiring from the Navy, and that particular vocational path was much more likely 200 years ago when Naval ships were still wood, but more unusual today. But he can build stuff, and he's good at it.

He showed us how the business will be laid out, the renovations that have been done so far and some of what's left to do, and said that one of the painters who's helped out reminds him of Eldon, the painter who never finished Candace Bergin's home renovations on the sitcom Murphy Brown. While we were poking around the storefront, two other investors, a husband and a wife, stopped by on motorcycle and looked in as well. They walked in, and Dad introduced himself, and they all confirmed that they were investors. "We're not squatters," I told them.

So that's more of what I saw today, a day which was pretty and comfortable and enjoyable and productive. I've been chilling, and should get to bed at a reasonable time. All of this is good. (I wonder if "good" is my most-used word in my LJ...)
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