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"Buy this CD or Taarna will kick your ass"

The glorious madmen of Film Score Monthly (they who released eight CDs' worth of Superman music all in a bunch) have achieved another coup: they've finally (finally) released Elmer Bernstein's score to the anthology film Heavy Metal.

"Simply put, Heavy Metal is Elmer Bernstein's Star Wars," says the write-up linked above: it's soaring, melodic, and goofy-epic, in a bunch of styles befitting the film's different segments; and it's from a very memorable and prolific part of Bernstein's career (around the same time he scored Animal House, the intentionally bad score to Airplane! and the twenty seconds of "God Music" in The Blues Brothers).

His score -- about the only thing I liked about the movie Heavy Metal -- has never been released on CD before now; a score LP came out around the time of the film's release, along with the song soundtrack that's still in print, for your remembering-a-sex-scene-to-the-tune-of-Journey purposes. For me, this score release causes smile-ifying. :-) <-- See?
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