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The weather didn't blow them away!

I talked this morning to my friend aoniedesade. She was fine after two cells of heavy weather moved through her part of Mississippi, the first of which then hit metro Atlanta, possibly with a tornado. (I saw the damage at the Georgia Dome and the CNN Center on the news last night.) She actually slept through the second cell. That made me think of how Neil Gaiman once claimed he could sleep through earthquakes...

Caitlin (greygirlbeast) and Kathryn (humglum) are fine in Atlanta, too; they weren't near downtown, and mainly got the thunderstorm portion of the weather; enough for a power outage, but no damage. (Good news in that entry, too, on Caitlin's short story "The Ape's Wife" getting selected for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror (#19). That story is an alternate version of King Kong where Ann Darrow stayed on Skull Island.)
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