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Here's (quickly) what I've been up to since the start of the content strike:

* I happily watched my company's IT people finally cut through a Gordian Knot that had kept me from doing my whole job.

* I got a lovely gift from my friend blubeagle: a hardback 25th anniversary edition of the novel The Princess Bride!

* I treated myself to eating out: a nice snapper meal at Savoy at S.E. 25th and Clinton Thursday night, and a small-and-simple-but-nice Burgerville cheeseburger last night. (I walked to and from the S.E. 25th and Powell Burgerville, too; I used those calories!)

* I had a long, enjoyable Thursday night phone call with slipjig and rafaela, who were off LiveJournal too.

* I walked, read, and thought, as usual. I didn't post about it, which for me is unusual. I missed it, and I'm glad I'm doing so again.

* I saw the full moon, yellowishly lighting up wispy clouds, on one of those walks. Lovely.

So how's by you?
Tags: books, peregrinations
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