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Wonders never cease:

I found that my neighbor has never heard of The Princess Bride. Either version.

"Let me explain: no, there's too much, let me sum up" is really apropos in such situations (thanks for that line, William Goldman!). I saw my neighbor in the basement tonight; she asked me what my package had been that she'd seen me bringing in Thursday. (I got confused and thought she was asking about the bag of wet garbage in my hand!) Well, considering I wasn't expecting her to completely blank on the name "The Princess Bride," I think I summed up the story's bizarre appeal well; well enough that she wants to read it now. (She did know what Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was, thank goodness, so I could say to her "It's the same writer.") I explained that the story was told in an unusual way ("Goldman said it was this thousand-page doorstop of a novel; he abridged it"), and she kept assuming that the basic story went this way or that way because it was a fairy tale, and more than once I told her "It's a little more complicated than that." She also thought the "land war in Asia" bit was impressive.

Other moments from today! Nice hour-long chat with blubeagle; we both geeked out on Wuthering Heights (which I'm reading right now), she explained her love for Jane Eyre (and lambasted me for liking the Jean Fontaine-Orson Welles 1940s film version, but she lambasted me nicely and we both agree it has a great Bernard Herrmann score), we made each other laugh many times, and we both turned out to love Don Quixote. I'm just glad I've found someone else who's actually read the novel! (She also recommended the TV version with John Lithgow as Quixote and Bob Hoskins as Sancho.) More personal stuff that won't get mentioned here got mentioned in the call, too.

Shoot. Now I'm blanking on other moments of the day, but overall it was a good day. Now to prepare for sleep and the next day...
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