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Days off RAWK.

After my shortest workday in at least this job's history, one-and-a-half hours doing a particular morning duty, I've been off and useful in other ways. I drove my mom's Volvo to the airport and waited for Mom and Dad to arrive after a hella-early flight from the East Coast. They delivered me home; I have spent the midday cleaning, trashing and bagging-for-recycling. Goodwill soon.

I also filled envelopes with random stuff that should (I hope) amuse multiple people. Since the post office a reasonable walk from my apartment is open this time of day, I took advantage of that and got them paid for and prepared for shipping just now. shadesong, yendi, slipjig and rafaela will soon see what may emerge from the depths of my piles of crap!
Tags: portland, work

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