Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The fullness of time yields a defense of the movie Howard the Duck

Don't worry, this guy admits to many of the horrible, stupid, ridiculous-in-a-bad-way aspects of the flop 1986 movie adaptation of Howard the Duck, but he also praises the score by John Barry (yes, that John Barry) and, especially, the special effects work by ILM and the great Phil Tippett.

(Plus this dude likes Hudson Hawk, so I automatically cut him some slack.)

I found this while Googling for images of the Dark Overlord that appears in the film's climax. Back in the summer of '86 (at age 12) I actually bought the large-format Marvel Comics adaptation of the flick -- already I wanted to support comic shops (go me!) -- and I found out later when I finally saw the film on cable that the Dark Overlord's appearance was changed in the comic to, essentially, a giant duck, instead of the disturbing scorpion-on-steroids that Tippett animated.
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