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Your latest chance to do good: shadesong and Elayna's writing challenge!

You can be charitable and read fun stories at the same time! Here's how:

shadesong is a writer. Her 13-year-old daughter Elayna is also a writer. They're writing to raise money for one or, ideally, two sessions at a summer camp for Elayna. Most immediately, they need $600 for the deposit to go to both sessions. As of this morning, they've raised $576.25 in donations via this challenge (I've donated; PayPal's a fantastic invention).

Each story is a revised retelling of a fairy tale, and each one is a different kind of fractured. Elayna's runs first, followed by 'Song's. When you donate, you also vote in the PayPal comments field for one of the authors.

One neat thing about this challenge is watching Elayna improve as a writer: a story a day can do that, or at least it should, if you have any talent and potential. This really is kind of a high-wire act for her. (shadesong, make sure not to show this entry to Elayna so as not to freak her out!) It made me think of Harlan Ellison writing short stories in a public place, the story's first pages being hung up for people to read as he writes the rest of the story.

Here's the tale line-up:

#1: Rapunzel (Monday)
#2: The Princess and the Pea (Tuesday)
#3: The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Wednesday)
#4: Cinderella (Thursday)
#5: Rumplestiltskin (Friday) (be sure to read the comments!)
#6: Hansel and Gretel (Saturday) (as told by the witch)
#7: Sleeping Beauty (Sunday)

Oh, and here's 'Song's latest update on the challenge.
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