Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

One of the really quick FLASHBACKS I do sometimes: Sixties Ain't Nineties

While going through clippings and typing up some of my film reviews from my three years at the Hermiston Herald, I came across this paragraph from my review of 1998's The Odd Couple II (indeed, there was a sequel) that I wanted to preserve:
The Odd Couple II is an object lesson in how different films are from 30 years ago. Product placements dot the film. It's edited more quickly, causing more continuity errors. There's a lot more music, usually making the emotional moments more obvious (and to be honest, much of [Alan] Silvestri's comedy music doesn't do much for me, save for his galloping MouseHunt theme). And the men swear -- which made me ask "Were they able to act any less adult when they weren't swearing in the first film?"
By the way, the original Odd Couple from 1968 was rated G, in that brief time when the "General Audiences" rating didn't immediately mean "almost entirely mainly for kids." Even with a scene with scantily-clad dancing girls it was G...
Tags: film reviews, flashbacks

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