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In my dreams, I'm a riot

Last night, I laughed as hard as I've ever laughed at an episode of Family Guy.

I was not watching Family Guy.

I imagined a Guy joke while dreaming, and it struck me as one of the funniest gags I've ever seen. Of course, it was dream-logic funny, meaning it makes ABSOLUTELY NO FRAKKIN' SENSE if you think about it later. I just remember it involved Peter Griffin bawling, really bawling, on a lawn until, for some unknown reason, a giant computer keyboard key suddenly appears in the air like it ripped through a sheet.

But it made me think once I awoke: wow, how often does my dream-self actually laugh? Because I did. And it was a really satisfying laugh.

Yeah, my dreams are vivid. And I'm lucky enough to rarely, if ever, have actual nightmares, so I can mainly enjoy what's usually a deadpan-melodramatic spectacle: amazing stuff happens, or it certainly seems amazing, and I think, "Ah. Cool." Here are some other images I've dreamt lately:
  • A wingless Spruce Goose flying, then going into a flat spin like in Top Gun. I've actually seen the Spruce Goose when it was disassembled and being moved into its new museum home here in the Willamette Valley.

  • Winding my way through tunnels and a dark, only partially-finished and often dirt-walled basement, trying to avoid Tom Cruise and Snape. Well, wouldn't you?

  • Finding, and not being surprised by finding, my family home in Oakton, VA right around the corner from my current apartment building in Portland, OR.

  • My parents' garage turned into a walk-up restaurant.

  • A riot in a version of Washington, D.C. that somehow involved a Segway. (Edited To Add: Wait, here's another Segway link, you'll like this.)
  • By the way, leonardpart6, I have finally watched a little more actual Family Guy (yes, the show itself) and I'm warming up to it. I saw one episode years ago that I found half-funny and half-unpleasant (the one where Stewie miniaturizes himself to fly into his dad's body and destroy his sperm); I've finally seen more and laughed more.
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