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I smile knowingly.

(Trust me, there WILL soon be more content than "hey look at this link" stuff...)

Moriarty, while explaining why he enjoyed George Clooney's new film Leatherheads, earns my respect (profanely) with this paragraph:
Clooney is in a position where he can get a film made as a director simply by agreeing to star in it. So he can get some real gambles bankrolled. And here, it feels like he finally made his very own Hudson Hawk.

And I don’t mean that as a slam. Seriously. I’m one of the people who likes Hudson Hawk. I think it’s a very compromised and half-finished film, but there’s stuff in that movie that makes me cackle. I like it because it appears that Bruce Willis lost his motherfucking mind and somehow got Tri-Star to pay him a shitload of money to have his nervous breakdown in Italy while things blow up. I like it because I can’t imagine how it got made.
As a proud owner of the Hudson Hawk soundtrack (including Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello singing "Swingin' On a Star" and "Side By Side" plus some of Michael Kamen's most wonderfully deranged and sometimes very pretty scoring), I smile.
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