Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Round, round, get around, I get around,

Get around-round-round, I get around...

This is an entry about transportation.

I remain on the hunt for a new-to-me car. The best car I've seen so far was out of my price range, though, and I need to look at cars that are a few years older. (The "problem" with the small sedan-and-hatchback kinds of cars I'm interested in is that they're reliable so people are less likely to sell them! If I wanted a pickup, I'd be golden, but a pickup would be, um, WRONG FOR ME.)

But this also has meant that I've been paying more attention to the look of cars, especially on my walks (including a long, long walk home from work last night; a long enough walk that I got a little wobbly at times). And I'm actually kind of glad I'm looking at cars from circa 2000-2003, because I really don't like the look of current cars. So many look so generic: rounded in the same ways. (And what recent cars do I kind of like the look of? Cars by Kia. Which I won't buy because I've heard they're unreliable, and I've heard that from family members. And my family has several car-savvy people.) I like the sharp edges of the '88 Honda Accord hatchback I drove until recently; I nicknamed it The Wedge, 'cause of its shape. (The slightly rounded '83 Honda Prelude I drove back in Virginia got named the Spudmobile. No, named for a potato, not for Spuds McKenzie!)

In fact, I was kind of ridiculously monogamous about my little Accord; I wouldn't even notice how other cars looked. I'm monogamous by nature, but even when I was dating the very, very cute Alicia, I'd still be checking out other women. These looks would be more appreciative looks -- more "Hey, she looks purty" than "Ya know what'd look good on her? Me!" -- but I'd still be enjoying how they looked. Cars? Not so much. Until now. NOW I'm investigating, assessing, on the hunt, hoping I don't turn creepy like Matt Dillon in There's Something About Mary except towards cars.

Yeah, I'm worried about me stalking cars.

Meanwhile, I'm getting by all right with my legs and my TriMet bus-and-light rail pass. Having a car again will be nice, but I'm managing. And I'll keep car-shopping...and checking out cars in general...

That and I should get a bike. But that will be its own entry.
Tags: peregrinations

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