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One of those occasional administrative posts


That particular "hi" is directed towards the people who've started reading me recently. (If you're a long-time reader: Hi. That "Hi"'s for you.) I hope you like and enjoy what I write.

I tend to take a while to friend back, if I do it at all; I don't do it automatically anymore, as my friends-list hovers on the edge of what I feel comfortable following on a daily basis. I do try to limit my number of friends-locked posts -- I don't want friends-locking to become a crutch -- so you're getting the bulk of my content. My geeky, geeky content.

I'm 34, and in my life I've been a writer (since elementary school), an amateur photographer, a call center operator, a Fraud department denizen, a reporter, a temp (meaning days or weeks of all sorts of jobs), a Star Trek fan, a media geek, a data entry clerk, a Navy brat, and more. I've lived in Oregon (where I was born) since starting college in 1992, and I've lived in my current apartment for five-and-a-half years...the longest I've lived in one place in my adult life. I've lived in the Northeast Oregon semi-desert, Eugene at the southern end of the Willamette Valley, Northern Virginia near D.C., Virginia Beach, and Southern California, most of those moves happening courtesy the Navy. (And no, I never got used to moving. Does anyone?)

Curious about other basic questions about me? Feel free to ask! I like talking about myself.

Oh, and once upon a time I decided my little emoticon alien is named Blerk. Blerk says Hi, too! In his own language. (Sounds kind of like "Yvrd-bij-Zluup.")
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