Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Coach Cindy! Plus more Thanksgiving news

Trust me, this makes me happy: my college-age cousin Cindy is about to be a coach!

Cindy'll be coaching a fifth-grade girl's basketball team in Dayton, Oregon, her hometown, where she's been a well-liked student, athlete, valedictorian, and all-around good young woman. (Her older brother Jeff was part of Dayton High School's first state championship basketball team in 2001, and fellow Dayton High alumnus Dante Rosario is now with University of Oregon's bowl-bound football team. In other words, Cindy's part of a core of good athletes.) It keeps her tied into sports while she heals from knee surgery and studies at George Fox University near here.

So Cindy was sort of hopping around our family homes in Dayton and Dundee the past two days, enjoying Thanksgiving with me and seven of our relatives. My parents hosted the Thursday dinner; Cindy's parents hosted the ceremonial Eating Of The Leftovers tonight. Plus we tuned into a very satisfying soccer game: the University of Portland Pilots beat Notre Dame 3-1 for a semi-final berth in Women's Soccer. Go us! (I like seeing any team from any Oregon college do well on the national stage.)

Other goodness happened these last two days: we told stories, we looked at many many photos, and we had exchanges like this:

Aunt Nancy Walsh (on how in college she attended a Texas A&M "Aggies" game with an Aggies fan as her date): Well, after each touchdown, Aggie fans kiss their dates.
My Mom: Oh, was it a high-scoring game?
Me: to speak?
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