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I am NOT ready today for human contact.

Not-good night's sleep. The sort of not-good night's sleep that results from falling asleep with my bedside lamp still on, which usually means I'm not going to sleep very deeply. I finally woke up enough 'round 4 to turn it off and try again, though that didn't help all that much.

So even getting called out of my bed and my room at 10 a.m. was asking a lot. But someone visiting another resident rang my doorbell. Me, not knowing why someone would be ringing me, got on a sweatshirt (to look more presentable or to hold some of my sleep-stink in, I guess), grabbed my keys and shuffled out to the building's front door. Said someone was waiting outside. We held eye contact for several seconds -- her looking concerned and surprised, me probably just looking out of it -- as I continued my waddling way to the door.

Sign I wasn't ready yet for human contact: my first words to her were "Excuse me?"

To her credit, she was apologetic, and we figured out she wanted Number SIX, not Number Five. (Though I'm allowed to be a little cranky that she pressed the button labeled WALSH when I'm pretty sure her friend's not named Walsh. Walshes are common, but not THAT common.) And her friend in #6 was there and ready for human contact, especially friendly human contact, and I skulked back to my room.

Okay. Might as well be awake now.

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