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Peter Pan-less

How is this possible? I somehow never read or saw a version of Peter Pan until finally seeing the 2003 film version of it this weekend. (Spielberg’s Hook doesn’t count. So I can forget that I saw it back in ’91. Erm. That last sentence doesn’t exist…)

Nice film. I was probably too tired this weekend to watch it – Saturday night I wasn’t really getting the story, and it felt overly busy, plus I couldn’t get used to the Glo-Stick color scheme – so I watched it again over the last couple of nights. Ah; now it makes more sense. Nice film.

The film also feels like a pretty faithful adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s play and novel; with the theatrical touches that were likely from the original play (getting everyone to shout “I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!”) and the plot elements that feel like what someone would’ve come up with a hundred years ago. This is my guess, because, again, never seen it or read it. Not even the Disney adaptation, somehow. Honestly, my main exposure until now was s00j’s “Wendy Trilogy” of songs where Wendy really did become a pirate! And that’s another twist-on-the-story story.

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