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Two little moments lately:

  • I saw this on my shopping list from about a week ago, when I was hurting the most from the Bruise That Moves: "Painkillers (not vodka!)"

  • Saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (really quick thoughts: necessarily very fast-paced and, thank goodness, very emotional, and I teared up near the end), and I'm glad the guy next to me behaved. I was worried because he was commenting on this and that, always negatively -- "Oh, that's a terrible trailer," that sort of thing -- and guess what? He doesn't like Johnny Cash. I learned this when the theater showed a featurette about Walk the Line where people like Willie Nelson, Keith Richards, Kris Kristofferson and Henry Rollins (yes!) talk about Cash's impact.

    Guy Next To Me: All those people like Johnny Cash? All he did was that twangy bullshit.

    Really. Yes, I...con...trolled...Fist...Of...Death, but I thought this in response: Do you actually enjoy anything?

    Seriously. He was that kind of be-unimpressed-by-everything sort of person. He's Easily Unimpressed.
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