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And now for silly pizza pondering

This I ask: How did the one particular pizza that's one-half pepperoni and one-half Canadian bacon and pineapple get the special designation the Perfect Pizza? Who decided that? How did that name take hold?

I've eaten a fair amount of this so-called "Perfect Pizza" in my day, trust me, I'm a pizza appreciater, homemade pizza was my Friday night staple growing up (it was also the only night I didn't have to drink milk with dinner, because Mom and Dad knew milk plus pizza do not equal One True Pairing), but I burned out on Canadian bacon-and-pineapple long ago, and a commercial this morning for Papa Murphy's Take and Bake (a company which should know that making a pizza exactly to order means perfection can be achieved for each customer, not just necessarily for Canadian bacon-and-pineapple fans) once again invoked the Perfect Pizza and I just wish to know...Why?

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