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Cool: Dreamt vividly enough last night that I felt things.

I was in a crowded, beach-packed version of Lincoln City, Oregon at night, barefoot and wandering on the sand and wondering how high the high tide was going to be. I could feel the sand on my feet, and how my balance shifted while walking. (Once I had a dream vivid enough that I tasted something. I won't tell you what I tasted.) Large ships were right off-shore, backlit by lights on their decks: a cruise liner and an aircraft carrier.

The beach, the water, and the big ships off-shore are recurring images in my dreams, going back years, so it was kind of comforting. There also was some new things: the dreams aren't usually set at night. (Oh, and this dream had product placement: I went into a convenience store well-stocked with Viso vitamin drinks.) There was this visual thing I like where the big ships were more hinted at, and I felt their mass more than I saw them; kind of like how some of the creatures are visualized in The Mist, but this time not harrowing, just big and cool.

So I probably slept deeply last night, deeply enough to dream all that.

Okay, now to get out in the real, non-dreamed weather (the niiiiiice weather, finally). I'mm taking myself to breakfast at Genie's, then walking and bussing up to Fred Meyer for groceries. Later, taxes, finally. Lucky I have simple taxes to figure out. But next time, Chris, DON'T WAIT SO LATE.
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